Cerwin Vega Loudspeaker Repairs

Cerwin Vega HED-265

Although Cerwin Vega made mega speakers in the 1970s and I remember at a Harrogate hi-fi show wondering why the walls and floor around a demo room were shaking so much. These are a model range designed in Europe/Germany I suspect. All the drive units were open-circuit! They are well known for taking\soaking up power but these must have put a complaint in. The drives were German origin but the web site of the mfr was having non English! I found the Visaton 6.5 in bass\mid units from RS drop straight in and an Audax tweeter was a drop in for the tweeter, uses two 6.5 in and a tweeter in the d'apollito arrangement (two bass and the tweeter in the middle) the crossover had to be modified for the tweeter as the Audax gave a much higher o\p level, they didn't sound as good as the early USA speakers but impressive non the less (on 2nd thoughts they were rubbish).