Meridian Loudspeaker Repairs

Meridian M2 Active Loudspeakers

Meridian M2 Active Loudspeaker Meridian M2 Active Loudspeaker Meridian M2 Active Loudspeaker

Had a pair of these in my workshop for repair. One of the tweeters wasn't working, I had to replace over 20 small capacitors on the filter board and power amps mainly 470nF. One of the main 6800µF 63V looked terminal as the top was bulging. The small capacitors had corroded connections and had fallen off the main body. I added a speaker delay because of the switch on thump which could damage the bass drivers over time. The back panel is a sealed fit to the speaker which I disliked due to the heat generated so I fitted ⅛ inch spacers behind the four mounting screws to allow air to circulate. They operate much cooler now.

Meridian D600 Digital Active Loudspeakers

Meridian D600 Digital Active Loudspeaker Meridian D600 Digital Active Loudspeaker

These active loudspeakers from around 1989 have built in DAC's with analogue and digital inputs. The fault was one channel suffering from distortion from a digital input. Investigation revealed a faulty DAC. These use the Philips TDA 1541A S1 (single crown) DAC. These are unobtainable now unless ripped out of older CD players. I fitted a standard TDA 1541A into a 28 pin IC socket. They sounded fine afterwards.