Amcron Amplifier Repairs

Amcron DC300A

This was one of those bullet proof amplifiers usually found at group gigs and recording studios in the 70's, although it was working, the mains lead had pulled through the captive sleeve and needed replacing with a modern gland type. The o\p transistor mounting screws need tightening up (after 30 or so years) as they will work loose and the collector connection is made. On this particular unit the driver transistors had began to break away at the leads and needed replacing, (odd no D40P3 type) the o\p 0V also need a small correction, with the pre-sets on the main PCB behind the front panel there was about 0.7 V on the speaker terminals. The parent company (Crown) started making reel to reel tape recorders for missionaries to take with them when out missioning abroad, rugged and easy to repair then got into other audio equipment. In the mid 70's the original owner sold the company and it changed its name to Amcron, it's still going and service info is still available on the net.