Goodmans Amplifier Repairs

Goodmans Forty Forty

Goodmans Forty Forty Goodmans Forty Forty

This was working ok when I connected it up and a Goodmans forty forty! Removed the preamp section just for the hell of it and found a dry (unsoldered) joint on one of the transistors, just as well I looked then. The two main capacitors were bulging and so I replaced them, the same as in the Armstrong 600 series 4000µF 63V, sounded ok again after.

Goodmans Maxamp 30

Goodmans Maxamp Goodmans Maxamp Goodmans Maxamp

This was distorting and one channel was low. Most of the capacitors in the preamp needed replacing along with the o V set pre-set 4k7. The capacitors had leaked and lost their electrolyte, sounded excellent after despite only providing 15 W per channel.