Notes on how to pack Hi Fi equipment

If you are planning to send an item to me for repair you may find the following information useful.

  • Please choose a box that is suitable and strong enough. Ideally there should be at least six inches of space around the item being transported.
  • Wrap the item completely in several layers of bubble wrap and secure using parcel tape.
  • Place polystyrene chips or pieces in the bottom of the box.
  • Place the bubble wrapped item into the box.
  • Place additional chips or pieces around the sides and on top of the item.
  • Close the box and secure using parcel tape. It's a good idea to also strap the box using tape.
Cardboard box for packing Hi-Fi equipment

The object of the above is really to ensure the item does not move around inside the box during delivery. The item must also be sufficiently protected from being dropped.

If you are transporting a turntable then make sure that you remove or secure the platter and counterweight. The tone arm should be secured with string or a freezer tie.