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Philips N4450 Auto Reverse Tape Deck Philips N4450 Auto Reverse Tape Deck Philips N4450 Auto Reverse Tape Deck

This just did nothing with tapes mounted, found the main belt had snapped, ff and rew also didn't work correctly. The brake pads had seized and needed dismantling to free off. I ordered a belt set from Germany 37 euros! The original belt was a large square one which I managed to superglue together as it was 2-3mm wide just to get the deck working. Found the tape counter was all jammed up with snapped belt. Occasionally it would start up at switch on in rewind for some reason removing the small flip\flop board and cleaning the pcb cured that (why?). The reel motors made a screeching most of the time, the bushes needed oiling. Found the remains of an old belt or belts in the mechanism which needed a box of cotton buds to clean up (yuk), after cleaning all 6 heads and fitting the new belts it sounded fine.

Philips\Marantz DCC Recorders 900\DD82

I did have several of these machines from the 90's, all worked fine but produced no audio output. If any one has any ideas\help then I would be grateful. I suspect the d\a or a\d or the digital boards. The two plug-in boards in the middle of the main PCB. A demag cassette has possibly been used and damaged the 'front end' cct.