Revox Repairs

Revox B226

Revox B226 CD Player

CD player, don't ask how much it cost! There were a few faults with this; the display wasn't visible, the CD tray was erratic. The tray guides on one side had come loose and one of the rubber O rings it rests on was split. The BD136 was s\c c-e in the PSU due to excess current from the display driver cct and a 220 µF cap had blown its top! The BD136 was replaced with a BD140 and the tray loading rings were replaced. These were the easy jobs, in this model the display has a special display illumination cct, (normal models use std bulbs), a ferrite toroid drives an illuminated back plane, it needs 110V a\c which to replace cost about £140. A dim display is a sign of impending outlay, in this the transformer needed changing also, the owner didn't want it replacing due to the high cost as he used the display in a pair of Meridian digital active speakers through the digital o\p! My thanks to Brian Reeves - Revox service engineer in Cheadle for information and help.