Sony Cassette Deck Repairs


This was not erasing the previous recordings, finding the erase head connector with broken tracks on the PCB was the cause initially, then there was no input signal getting through to the circuitry. After searching around the wiring found another connector with blobs of solder on it, re-soldering cured that. Trying recording again and wouldn't erase again, in amongst all this sometimes it wouldn't go into record and noticed the left hand side of the loading mechanism was slightly higher than the right, ie misaligned. One of the presets for the record level was falling apart as it must have been over twiddled (a technical term yet to be copyrighted) as I wasn't going to strip the mechanism down I gave up, I find I can do this quite often nowadays!

Sony TC-KA6ES Stereo Cassette Deck Sony TC-KA6ES Stereo Cassette Deck Sony TC-KA6ES Stereo Cassette Deck

Sony TC-K88B

High end Sony deck from late 1970's. This would ff & rewind but not play. I found many dry joints on the transistors on the heat sink behind the cassette mechanism and on the right hand circuit board with the signal section.

Sony TC-K88B Stereo Cassette Deck Sony TC-K88B Stereo Cassette Deck Sony TC-K88B Stereo Cassette Deck Sony TC-K88B Stereo Cassette Deck

Sony TC-K6

Sony TC-K6 Stereo Cassette Deck

This would make a noise when trying to play a cassette, the small 24 mm belt inside the mechanism needed replacing.

Sony TC-270

Sony TC-270 Sony TC-270

This did nothing but power up, no drive to the tape etc. This uses idler drive for transport except for one belt for rewind and a belt for the tape counter. The pivots had solidified themselves with the grease and needed freeing, a general re-greasing sorted everything except for one speaker that refused to work which was caused by a faulty 3.5 mm plug.

Sony MTL-10

Sony MTL-10 Sony MTL-10 Sony MTL-10

This was a 10 cassette jukebox (auto changer) which did precisely nothing. The worm gear which drives the cassette in\out of the play position had locked up. Two of the small (18mm dia) belts were needed. The capstan belt was replaced (72mm dia) as the deck was not auto reversing. The deck started playing up, only accepting the same cassette continuously, the micro switch on the right-hand side of the gear mechanism had a bad solder connection.

Sony TCK-611S

This didn't move the tape in play, as with most Sony stuff I expect the unexpected! The capstan shaft was loose in the flywheel, glued it back in, some (most) Sony stuff is so s**t. Another wouldn't play tapes, the motor was faulty. The anmt10 from CPC are a direct fit for this and many others.