Technics Cassette Deck Repairs

Technics RS-M253X

The mechanism wouldn't do anything, the large square belt that drives the gear assembly for the functions (old mode switch) was stretched, a new one from CPC cured it (2mm by 51mm).

Technics RS-630T

This late 1970's cassette deck was running the tape at high speed, it was either the capstan motor lost its speed regulation or the take-up reel pulling the tape, it was the latter. The spring had come off the pinch wheel, refitting, cured it, after a struggle keeping the spring in position while slipping the wheel over the pivot!

Technics RS-B305

No sound was cured by re soldering the large IC at the front RHS of the main PCB.

Technics RS-M228X

Dolby switch had bad contacts, switch cleaner and service. Okay now.